With work keeping me busy and even out if the country, I haven’t had a chance to post since my introduction! So, today, I’ll run through the characters in my home Dragonlance game, living and deceased.

First up is Tananger Highhill, our Kender rogue, using the Essentials thief build. Tan carries with him the Key of Quinari, an elven music box, received at the very beginning of their adventure. Its legend has led them on their quest, without revealing why, as of yet. He also wields the Shard of Light and has recently been given a Kender Spoon of Turning while in Kendermore. Tan has slain a beholder, twice, using the Shard. He is currently looking to free his people from inside the Peak of Malys.

Next is Iados. He is a Tiefling wizard (arcanist). He is a unique character in that there are NO Tieflings on Krynn. He was created by the energies of the soul of a dying cleric of Paladine merging with a portal activation and summoning of a devil from the Abyss within the temple of Hurim. He has been Tested and awarded the White Robes in the Orders of High Sorcery. He was granted the Staff of Magius during his Test, but in a moment of desperation, used its power in a destructive strike that left only the crystal from the top of the staff. The crystal is still quite potent and didn’t lose much of the abilities of the actual Staff.

Belnan Steelsong is a Solamnic Knight of the Sword (warlord). His family is related to the Brightblades of fame. He received the sword, the Brightblade, during Iados’ Test, when it was used against him by a corrupted cousin. When it struck Belnan, the blade shattered. In the adventures since then, Belnan has reforged the blade, using it in honor in their quest.

Brochnar is a mountain dwarf Shaman that has lived with and was adopted by the Mikku tribe of Khur. His powers of healing and command of the earth have been life-savers at times. He serves Habbakuk, and is looking to restore the Desolation to its former lush, green state.

Adrik is also a mountain dwarf, in self exile from his home of Thorbardin. He found that he had strange powers during the absence of the gods, and not quite sure what it was he was dealing with, he left his home in hopes that he didn’t shame his noble family with his strange new “magic”. Now, Adrik uses his powers of mysticism to aid him in battle, where has become a ferocious warrior.

Boz is a late comer to the group, joining them in the city of Port Balifor. Somewhat of a legend and myth to the former dwellers of Silvanesti, Boz is a Minotaur guardian of nature (warden). He has killed more minotaurs than most elves alive and lived with a secluded Silvanesti family for years, helping them and their small community and wondering at what powered the Shield that covered Silvanesti for decades. To try to shed his Minotaur-ness, Boz keeps his body fur shaven.

Nighthawk is a Kagonesti ranger, using the hunter Essentials build. Deadly with a bow, Nighthawk has a soft spot for Kender and spent a long time helping them in the Desolation/Port Balifor area. His affinity for Kender has an equal opposite-Ogres and Minotaur. More recently, he has been associated with Rand the Broker, a high class merchant in Ak-Khurman. Nighthawk has decided to join the group at the request of his patron and to help the Kender that he knows need his help.

Bash is a Tarmak Berserker barbarian. He was on the hunt for his brother, Gnash, who had dishonored the family years ago. He found him, too late, and decided to team up with Gnash’s former companions, for the time being.

Gnash, deceased, was a Tarmak ranger with a mysterious past. He never spoke of his life, and more than willingly joined the group on their suicidal mission of infiltrating the Peak of Malys to free captured Kender. What the group didn’t know about Gnash, is that he was in hiding from his family after he left his brother to take his place in service in the gladiator arena. He died in a cave in the Desolation, in battle against a fearsome Beholder. His death brought the survivors a reason to rally when the situation was indeed very bleak. His body was buried outside the cave, but not before it was beheaded by Bash, to prove of his demise to their parents.

That is the definite motley crew that is in a race against time to save a group of Kender, and unknown to them, the world. What part will the music box known as the Key of Quinari play in their future? How many more will pay the ultimate price as Gnash has, the Price of Courage? 😉


Hey there! I’m John, and this is my first ever blog post. I will be using this space to mostly talk about various games in various forms, but mostly about video games and tabletop games that I play. In the video game area, I play 99% Xbox, but have a PS3, but I mostly use it for a Blu-Ray player, so there won’t be too much there about PS3 gaming.

I have a whole pile of games that I haven’t played for more than an hour, as I tend to get very focused when I start a game. I can’t move on from it until there is nothing else to do. Which is why I have spent several hundred hours between Skyrim, Oblivion, Fallout 3 & New Vegas, Final Fantasy XIII, and my last obsession, Lego Lord of the Rings. I have yet to play much (or any at all for some of these) into Fable 3, Assassin’s Creed Revelations & AC 3, WWE 13, FF XIII-2, Halo 4, and Black Ops 2. I am a self-admitted achievement whore for the Xbox, trying to get as many as I can until I have the most I can realistically achieve!

In tabletop gaming, I have played Dungeons & Dragons for well over 20 years, and various other games of the type, including various incarnations of Star Wars and Shadowrun. Back in the day (early-mid 90’s) I played some Battletech and Twilight 2000 also. I have recently played my first game of Fiasco, which I will hopefully give a full post about sometime soon, before I forget the details. It was a TON of fun and I can’t wait to get a chance to play it again.

In D&D, I am currently DMing 2 games, one of 4E Dragonlance at my house every few weeks. It has been going on for about a year and a half, and has had a lot of great moments in the game. I also DM (usually) at Heroic Encounters in Edwardsville in the weekly sessions of the WOTC-sponsored Encounters program. This season, I am DMing the table using the playtest rules for D&D Next (5E). I also started a game of 1E AD&D last year, but have only played one session with half of the players. Hoping to get that going more. Also set in the Dragonlance setting, it is leading up to the War of the Lance, which the players will take part in when they are a high enough level.

I recently got a hold of the Star Wars Edge of the Empire box set also. Anyone have any experiece with this yet? It looks really good, and I’ve heard mostly good things about it so I’m looking forward to getting a chance to play it also.

I also like to play board games, as they are usually activities I can do with the whole family. Tsuro is a new favorite of mine, and I really like the Castle Ravenloft D&D board game, too. Going to be looking for new scenarios for that game to use on the web soon. Anyone know of anywhere that posts them?

Anyway, thats my gaming life in broad, general terms. I will post more specifics soon, including great parts of video games and my ongoing D&D campaigns.

Oh yea, you can follow me on Twitter @jrhyne1976 too!